Extremely Late Update!

Stormy had her foal on the afternoon of May 12, 2015. She had a little filly that was another mini me of Demon. Unfortunately, Stormy suffered from placenta previa and had an early placental detachment. The foal die only 15 minutes after delivery. That was a reality that crushed all of our hearts, but Stormy suffered most. She mourned over the loss of her foal until she literally couldn't stand anymore. 

It turned out that she had sustained a uterine infection which spread systemically and produced a subsequent flare up of her laminitis. She went downhill fast! I rushed her to the vet and we took several steps to get her rehydrated, douched, and put her front hooves on ice. It was a slow and tedious journey, but I'm proud to say that after a round of antibiotics, pain meds, ice and a new set of shoes, she's doing remarkably better! In just six weeks, she was virtually back to her old self.

She's now back out in the pasture with the other girls.

We don't know what next year may hold, but we are just thankful Stormy made it out safely and is thriving!