Well, as you know, you never really know what's going on in the world of horses. Back in September, we took our mare Bella to a stud farm to be bred to a 16hh powerhouse spotted saddle horse stallion. After 6 weeks on the farm, she was still showing heat and wasn't showing any signs of settling. A trip to the vet revealed she was indeed in heat, but we were confused by her not being pregnant after exposure to this stallion for 6 weeks. So a uterine culture and sensitivity swab came back positive for pseudomonas. Yikes! Pseudomonas can only be treated (or attempted to be treated) during an active heat cycle. As the days begin to shorten, Bella began to shut down and not cycle for the winter.

So here we are, 6 months later, March 28, 2016. My dad believes Bella's behavior over the weekend is an indication that she is starting to cycle again. We take her to the vet expecting to begin treatment for her pseudomonas. However, a relatively quick pass into her rectum reveals she's actually pregnant! Who would've known?! All the research says a "dirty" mare is difficult at best to settle. But apparently she was bred back in September when we cultured her. So she's 6 months pregnant now and seems to be doing well!

We pray for another safe delivery this August. 

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