Another one on the way!!

It's the craziest thing! Horses are quite resourceful and ours prove to be experts at making the best use of the time they've got! Back in June, we moved our mares and gelding down to a 50-acre pasture just under a mile from our house. There's ample space out there with a creek and two ponds, and we've divided it into 3 separate paddocks and pastures with the help of some underbrush and the creek. In a fleeting thought, we decided to allow our stallion, Bleu Demon, the luxury of a little fresh air and greener pasture. Not even 20 minutes after being there, he made his way through 20 yards of brush, a fence and a 10 foot creek to find Stormy, our grade TWH mare that was apparently in heat. Immediately, we separated the two bringing Demon back up to the house and allowing the mares to enjoy their new space alone.

We were not really concerned as it was only 10 minutes or so. Stormy's attitude began to change over the next 4 months. Typically, she couldn't care less about being doted on. She ducks and dodges you when she knows she's going to have to do some work for you. But all of that started to change around August. She's always been the dominant mare (she's 16.2 hh and every bit of 1100 pounds), but she started becoming outright bratty. Completely territorial now, she would pin her ears at and chase any of the others that vied for our attention. 

In December, I finally decided enough was enough and took her to the vet along with our filly, Mona, who had developed an abscess under her right hind hoof. I told the vet I just wanted her palpated to be certain there wasn't another cause for her attitude shift. With only one pass made into her backside, Dr. Seal confirmed she sure enough was in foal--6 months, in fact! We went ahead and gave her the 7-month pneumabort-k shot and put her on a more closely monitored diet (she foundered on grass about 2 years ago).

So now we're just watching and waiting! The foal is due to drop in May! Pictures of Stormy can be found on the Mares page.

Check back for more updates!