This page showcases all the foals born here at Ruffin Farms. We have two mares in foal now expected to deliver in Spring 2019! Come back and see us soon!

Bleu Belle's Twilight

Push's Bleu Demon x Push's Dancing Belle - Foaled 06/17/2013. "Mona" is our first foal. She was quite unexpected as Demon and Bella decided to do what nature does and sneak one in on us. She was a vibrant and completely healthy little filly born in the early hours of June 17, 2013. She has been a complete joy to raise. She's learning to drive and is being started under saddle in the spring of 2015. You can see more of her on the Mares & Geldings page as well as the Photos page.

Bleu Belle's Jewel

Push's Bleu Demon x Push's Dancing Belle - Foaled 06/07/2014 Jewel, like her sister, was a welcomed addition to Ruffin Farms. She is a cautious little filly and is gaining confidence with every new task she learns. She has an absolutely beautiful gait to match that color and personality of hers. See more pictures of her on our other pages.

Bleu's Beauregard

Push's Bleu Demon x Push's Prancing Storm - Foaled 05/26/2016 Meet Beau!! This little guy is the first colt ever born here at Ruffin Farms! He's a spry little fella. Curious, yet cautious, he takes every opportunity to explore his surroundings. We're getting a kick out of watching him discover all the new sights and sounds that live outside of mom's belly. Beau is designed to be in a class of his own. He's a big boy, easy going, and expected to have a smooth ride.

Push's Luck O' Sullivan

Lucky x Push's Dancing Belle - Foaled 08/18/2016 Meet Sullivan "Sully"! He was born at 3am Thursday, August 18, 2016. He is quite the looker and a big boy! Those long legs stood at a whopping 10:1hh at birth and carry 110 pounds of striking color! This little guy is super friendly and a live wire! He's always on the move! We look forward to watching him mature into a powerhouse of a spotted saddle horse.

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