Two In the Making!

Hey guys!

It’s been and minute,  but we’re still at it here at Ruffin Farms! We’re expecting two happy and healthy foals on the ground by May 2019! Our black and white Spotted Saddle Horse Bella is now 303 days pregnant with a very energetic little baby. She’s in foal to Thunder, a 16hh tattooed Standarbred stallion with top speed of 25 mph! We’re hoping for a minimally spotted well-gaited and fast paced racking horse. 

Duchess, our silver dapple Rocky Mountain/Spotted Saddle Horse cross, is in foal to Lucky, a powerhouse of a Spotted Saddle Horse with sound temperament and predictable gait. She’s now 317 and is expected to foal within the next 2 weeks! She’s a first time mom, so we’re praying all the right intincts manifest.

Stay tuned! We’ll have updates and pictures coming in the next few weeks!

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