Two In the Making!

Hey guys!

It’s been and minute,  but we’re still at it here at Ruffin Farms! We’re expecting two happy and healthy foals on the ground by May 2019! Our black and white Spotted Saddle Horse Bella is now 303…

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Well, as you know, you never really know what's going on in the world of horses. Back in September, we took our mare Bella to a stud farm to be bred to a 16hh powerhouse spotted saddle horse stallion. After…Read more

Kick! Kick! And FLIP!!

Today I felt Stormy's baby kick for the first time! It's Monday, January 18, 2016 (MLK Day), and Stormy is 197 days (6.5 months) pregnant by her last breeding date. Her expected due date this year is June 11, 2016…Read more

Coming Soon!!

This just in! After a relatively quick trip to the vet, we confirmed Stormy is in foal to Demon. 45 days. Expect a foal on the gound in mid June 2016! We're praying for a safe and uncomplicated pregnancy and…Read more

Extremely Late Update!

Stormy had her foal on the afternoon of May 12, 2015. She had a little filly that was another mini me of Demon. Unfortunately, Stormy suffered from placenta previa and had an early placental detachment. The foal die only 15…Read more

Somersaulting baby!

Today, I felt the foal kicking! Well, it was really more like a somersault! I took Stormy out for a ride just to exercise her while I can. I stopped to talk to my uncle for a minute and just…Read more

Another one on the way!!

It's the craziest thing! Horses are quite resourceful and ours prove to be experts at making the best use of the time they've got! Back in June, we moved our mares and gelding down to a 50-acre pasture just under…Read more