Push's Bleu Demon (Demon) #724217 is our newly gelded Spotted Saddle Horse. He was once our number one stallion, but after a little thought we decided it's just easier for him if we geld him. He's a flashy blue roan sabino with one blue eye and stands at 15.3 hh. He is so docile and willing that my petite niece actually prefers to ride him. He doesn't put up much of a fight around the girls as he knows they are all his, and he hits the mark with one try every time! He marks his foals with color (they are all roan), gait, and temperament. He has a really nice natural flat walk and stepping pace that comes as easy as pie. He shows off best when in the presence of new mares. It's like he becomes a completely different horse, but one that anyone would love to ride! Check out his pictures below and see his foals on the Photos page.